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Archived under "February 2017"

Despite what many procurement professionals may say, Category Management is far from embedded as a way of working within our profession

by Allison Ford-Langstaff

The great shame of cost avoidance benefits is that they are often treated as the poorer relation of savings, reported below the line or [shudder] not at all. This is a debate I’ve had with several CFOs before they fully recognise the value that is being ignored

by Paul Haycock

When you last developed a category strategy how much time did you allocate to defining the current situation? It's all about the planning

by Alison Smith

Here are five steps to improving communication with internal stakeholders by incorporating relatively simple but extremely effective ways of working:

by Kathrine Western

If you really want to create a competitive advantage for your business across the whole range of value levers to improve bottom line pricing, reduce costs, avoid risks and drive top line value and growth through harnessing your suppliers and potential suppliers, then this is for you.

by Allison Ford-Langstaff