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Archived under "June 2017"

Negotiations should be about the interests of the parties involved. Interests are areas which are of particular importance to one or the other (or all) parties. This sounds like an obvious statement, but there is a real danger in procurement negotiations that the interests are not clearly identified and resolved.

by Mark Hubbard

The United Kingdom has chosen a path leading to its separation from the European Union. However, you feel about the rights or wrongs of that decision, there is a lot to be learned from the set up and delivery of a complex negotiation, in which both sides are playing for high stakes.

by Mark Hubbard

Functional ingredients can develop a special status over time and become protected in the buyers mind but can these ingredients appear to be more “special” than they really are?

by Paul Lee

What reaction would you have had if the political parties had each just wheeled out the same strategy as they had at the last election?

by Alison Smith

A video featuring Anna Del Mar who shares her 'big idea' with Procurious. Leading teams simply do the basics better!

by Anna Del Mar

Right at the heart of negotiation is having a really good idea of what it is we need to achieve, but this is often a challenge. We typically use the IMPACT framework to get around this

by Allison Ford-Langstaff