Can Procurement Save the World? An Invitation to the Spend Matters Pub Debate

Posted 02/07/2018

Another Infamous Spend Matters Pub Debate

Wednesday 04th July 2018. 17:30
The Clarence public house, 53 Whitehall, London - SW1A 2HP  

Only a week to our next Spend Matters pub debate. July 4th at The Clarence Pub, Whitehall  will be an evening of stimulating, enlightening and fun debate, in good old traditional Cambridge Union style, and all packed into an hour or so from 6pm – 7pm (with networking and nibbles to follow if you want to stay on for a while).

The theme for the evening will be  This House Believes that “Procurement with Purpose” Can Save the World.  So come along to hear whether procurement with purpose actually can "save the world" (or at least have a major impact), or maybe it can't -- are we kidding ourselves? We hope to stir up some interesting banter between our recently confirmed line-up of speakers:  James Marland of SAP Ariba will chair in his usual inimitable style; with  Martine Booth,  a senior-level Ariba veteran,  Andy Davies,  well known to many as a true pioneer in terms of how procurement can have a wide impact,  Mark Webb , co-founder and CEO of Future Purchasing, and our own Peter Smith, ex-CIPS President and international procurement guru will take sides arguing for and against the debate in 8 minutes flat -- will you be convinced? Come along and join in with the heckling -- we are looking forward to a good clean fight. Join us if you are in or around London at The Clarence pub in Whitehall from 5.30pm. 

Register here - it's free to attend

Look forward to seeing you there!

Mark Webb

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