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5 ways to be better at SRM in 2018 to get more results from supplier relationships and deliver more value for the business.

by Mark Hubbard

When you last developed a category strategy how much time did you allocate to defining the current situation? It's all about the planning

by Alison Smith

We often here a cry go up for more innovation within the supply chain. The great hope is that, somewhere out there, is a detail of differentiation which will lead our business to a new level of greatness and if only we could find it, we’d be better off.

by Allison Ford-Langstaff

SRM is a core subject in the world of supply chain, but it is a surprisingly Cinderella subject - it goes in and out of fashion, the programs developed often seem to have core components missing, resource allocation is patchy and there’s a constant cry of ‘show me the money’.

by Allison Ford-Langstaff

In many supplier - customer relationships, the contract provides a significant focus. Some organisations have a strong approach to managing the outcomes of the contract and in some cases, this drives the entire focus of the organisation, both in terms of contract creation and in the way in which focus is directed during the delivery of the contracted goods and services

by Allison Ford-Langstaff