Case Studies - Category Management

Future Purchasing has an excellent pedigree when it comes to designing and implementing category management process and discipline into organisations. We are a centre of excellence for category management expertise. As such we have a track record of working with clients who are either looking to introduce category management for the first time or indeed looking to refresh or reinvigorate a process that has gone stale.

Available Documents

The following documents are available for this section

Building category management capability through process design, training & coaching
How FP helped a CPO to create a new direction for Procurement involving the adoption of category management as a business discipline that delivered 11% savings through proactive coaching.
 PDF Available  
Wave 1 SRM roll-out through team workshops & category manager mentoring
How FP worked with a Pharmaceutucal company to create SRM strategies that delivered 400+ value opportunities.
 PDF Available  
Refresh and redesign of stakeholder engagement, category management & SRM processes
How FP created a new "e" enabled category management process & toolkit that delivered 7% increase in productivity in the Retail sector.
 PDF Available  
Implementing SRM in the public sector
How FP jointly designed & implemented a new SRM process in the Public Sector that identified £19m of additional vaule over a 16 week period.
 PDF Available  
Implementing SRM through process development & global education programme
How FP refreshed an existing SRM process and educated 185 Procurement staff in how to apply stakeholder engagement & SRM techniques for a Banking organisation.
 PDF Available  
Building the client's internal category management capability through train-the-trainer workshops
How FP blended its own category management IP with a Retail company's own process materials and then run a series of "train the trainer" workshops to transfer its skills & knowledge.
 PDF Available  
Implementing category management
How FP supported a Pharmaceutical company to roll out a new category management approach through training, coaching and facilitation of pilot category projects that delivered 40% savings.
 PDF Available  
Building category management capability through coaching
How FP helped a Pharmaceutical company to build category management capability through coaching
 PDF Available  
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