Supplier Management: Wave 1 SRM roll-out through team workshops and category manager mentoring

Business Situation

What was the problem?

Solution Implemented

How did FP resolve it?

Benefits Delivered

What was delivered?
  • Client had no consistent method for managing supplier relationships.
  • Suppliers performance was variable across multiple sites.
  • Limited understanding and influence over supplier strategy.
  • Inconsistent communications and unclear responsibilities internally.
  • No measurement of incremental value obtained from relationships.
  • Business leadership for the SRM initiative confirmed.
  • Individual Wave 1 projects scoped and teams formed.
  • Facts and data baselining undertaken in line with Smart SRM.
  • Relationship strategies created and approved.
  • Relationship strategies and suppliers engaged.
  • 400 plus opportunities identified:
  • Strategic alignment
  • Operational performance
  • Working relationships
  • Power & dependency balance
  • Innovation delivery
  • Total cost of ownership
  • 30% opportunities implemented within 3 months.


Design of the Wave 1 Programme:

Terms of Reference
  • Process piloting and adoption.
  • Overseen by steering group.
Select Targets
  • Supplier segmentation.
  • £100M of expenditure covered.
Kick Off Project
  • FP facilitated kick-off events.
  • JIT training on tools & techniques.
Create Strategies
  • Formal strategies required.
  • FP facilitation for strategies.
Implement Strategies
  • Approved strategies Implemented.
  • FP facilitation throughout.

Delivery of the Wave 1 Programme - Integrated Process Adoption, Project Delivery and Coaching


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