Category Management in Procurement: 5 Step Process

How to Successfully Implement Category Management

Category management is used by Procurement departments to deliver more value from its third party spend with suppliers through a structured methodology that includes category planning, strategic sourcing and supplier management.

Through our practical experience with 50+ leading companies, we have identified five building blocks that underpin best practice and are essential to successful application of a category management methodology:

There are five building blocks that we focus on:
Category Management Best Practice

Future Purchasing is a “centre of excellence” in the design, training and implementation of category management  processes that really work. We provide:

  • High quality processes, tools, coaching, education and programme design
  • Extensive change management experience within complex environments
  • Transfer of expertise to client staff to build sustainable capability
  • Clear focus on the user experience
  • Innovative and experimental approaches
  • Measurable improvements
  • A passionate way of working

Contact us if you are looking to build a Category Management methodology from the beginning or indeed refresh your existing approach.

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