Category Group Planning

Category planning is an often neglected part of category management but it should be the start of the whole process. It is an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved in the past 12 months and take a high level overview of the category. It allows the Procurement team to meet with key stakeholders and to discuss their mutual objectives for the year ahead. The output of this dialogue should be a prioritised pipeline of category projects that will be worked on jointly over the next agreed period of time.

There are three steps in category planning:

  1. Reviewing the benefits of the previous year’s procurement projects and summarising the learnings from them
  2. Engaging the business to understand their goals & priorities and identify a list of potential category projects
  3. Prioritising the projects and agree which ones to work on jointly over the next 12 months with agreed resources.

Proactive planning of projects with your stakeholders linked to an opportunity analysis is often a very creative process that brings procurement and its many varied stakeholders together. It encourages sharing of issues and challenges that can improve understanding of each other’s position. It also allows for some pragmatic discussion on resource allocation.

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