Category Management Benchmark and Diagnostic Services

Three quarters of companies can increase annual savings by as much as  111% by improving their category management performance.

Category management has huge potential to deliver value way beyond traditional sourcing approaches. However, the practices that really make it work have remained elusive until now.

So Why Improve Category Management?

Our 2014-15 FP Category Management Excellence Survey identified that three quarters of companies were Followers and a quarter were Leaders.

The survey showed that:

•    Followers can increase savings by 111% by
improving category management practices

•    Leaders can increase savings by 49% by
 optimising category management further


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How Can We Help?

Benchmark Your Category Management Performance

We can compare you against “Category Management Leaders” and confirm the detailed changes required to advance your Category Management performance to the next level. FP can benchmark your organisation’s Category Management performance against a unique dataset of more than 300 global organisations across 100 criteria and produce targeted recommendations. The assessment is carried out through a series of interviews and analysis of relevant documentation. 

You will receive a tailored, detailed and insightful benchmark report detailing your strengths and a prioritised list of areas to improve. We would then work with you to develop an implementation roadmap and quantify the additional value available.

Contact us for more information on how FP can benchmark and help you transform your Category Management Performance.

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Example benchmark data: Benchmarking Category Management

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