Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is the primary driver of cost reductions in most procurement organisations. Each project will typically deliver 10-15% of additional benefits.

Experience gained from implementing strategic sourcing in more than 30 Fortune 500 & Public Sector organisations enables our delivery teams to help clients accelerate cost reduction delivery.

For strategic sourcing to be successful, these five building blocks must be in place:

  • Build – design a sourcing process & programme
  • Learn – train ,coach and facilitate category project leaders
  • Apply – lead or support a series of category projects
  • Lead – manage the governance of decision gates
  • Deliver – measure savings and other benefits

Change management is always a key issue for our clients’ success and our approach takes into account the needs and objectives of stakeholders. This helps to build understanding and a strong “pull” for engagement, rather than the “push” of a procurement led agenda.

With a team of more than 40+ sourcing professionals we have the experience to deliver cost reductions in most categories of direct and indirect expenditure.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you maximise the cost reductions delivered from strategic sourcing projects in your organisation.

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