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We are highly committed to practitioner relevant research, the creation and publication of ‘best practice’ and emerging ‘next practice’ in procurement (especially Category Management, Procurement Transformation, Supplier Management, Training & Development and Cost Reduction). UK CIPS acknowledged this with the 2006 Swinbank Award for Procurement Innovation. We continue to publish and support practitioner communities worldwide.

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Maximising the ROI of procurement skills investment
This insight guide explores how leading organisations use capability improvement to dramatically increase and accelerate procurement performance. We look at five learning factors that convert competence into performance and maximise the return from procurement skills investment.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Developing Next Generation Leaders
Focuses on the influencing challenge and emerging role profile for pivotal leaders in procurement.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Authenticity in Procurement Leadership
Provides a self assessment on authenticity in leadership for procurement professionals.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: New Leadership Profiles: Critical Behaviours and Competencies
Provides an assessment and coaching framework around five leadership competencies and an example from key account management.
Case Study: Deutsche Post DHL.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Conscious (In) Competence: State of the Art on Competence Assessment
Reviews the state of the art of procurement competence assessment and five emerging trends in its application.
Case Study: LEGO.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Re-energising Procurement Leadership Teams
Deals with five dysfunctions of teams and coaching interventions to address them.
Case Study: BT.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: The CPOs First 100 Days
Covers ten early approaches that secure permission for procurement change.
Case Study: Lundbeck.
 PDF Available  
Leadership & Talent Management: Delivering Against the Promise: Next Generation Skills & Capabilities
This major report and CPO briefing was developed from a comprehensive survey of participants at an international forum, and contains guiding frameworks on the nature of procurement leadership and talent management relevant to all organisations.
 PDF Available  
The CPO's First 100 Days
Outlines ten approaches that can ensure a CPO builds the right platform to secure a mandate for change during their first 100 days. Procurement Leaders article (2010).
 PDF Available  
Leadership at the Crossroads
The capabilities required for world-class procurement are changing significantly. They call for a very different leadership profile that is explored in this CPO Agenda article (Autumn 2006)
 PDF Available