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We are highly committed to practitioner relevant research, the creation and publication of ‘best practice’ and emerging ‘next practice’ in procurement (especially Category Management, Procurement Transformation, Supplier Management, Training & Development and Cost Reduction). UK CIPS acknowledged this with the 2006 Swinbank Award for Procurement Innovation. We continue to publish and support practitioner communities worldwide.

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How do Leaders Build Strong Stakeholder Support for Category Management
This extract from the FP 2016-17 Category Management Leadership Report identifies the practices used by Leaders to build strong stakeholder support for category management and the extent to which stakeholders have formal objectives for category management
 PDF Available  
Making a difference through better stakeholder management
Identifies the key skills to work effectively with stakeholders
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Successful Stakeholder Communication
Covers the key steps to follow to maximise the impact of your stakeholder presentations.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Successful Stakeholder Engagement
Highlights the importance of planning and skills development to successfully engage with internal stakeholders.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Stakeholder Engagement - Key Competencies
Identifies the competencies that need to be developed by procurement professionals to help them become trusted advisors.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Becoming a Trusted Advisor
Develops the concept of how procurement professionals can become a trusted advisor to their stakeholders, rather than just a service provider.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Stakeholder Engagement Training
Identifies how to develop an integrated stakeholder engagement training programme where the interpersonal skills development is embedded into real-life procurement activities and events.
 PDF Available