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Posted 03/01/2011

December 2011: Keynote Sessions at Public Procurement Conferences
Jon Hughes, Chairman of Future Purchasing and co-author of the recent report Why Public Procurement is Central to the UK’s Economic Performance .... and How to Transform It”, is leading a number of keynote sessions at major conferences. One was at the SOPO conference for local government procurement specialists in Leeds last month, and another is on 6th December at the Barbican in London. If you would like a copy of the slide presentation from the conference, just drop us an e-mail at

November 2011: Best Practice Category Management Forums
We regularly deliver highly interactive and engaging best practice forums for CPOs and procurement professionals to attend. One series that we’ve been delivering recently addresses “Effective Category Management”, and includes a presentation by a senior member of the FP team as well as a demonstration of Track 8, our e-enabled category management tool. Several of these are scheduled for delivery in Scandinavia, with two being held in Kolding and Copenhagen during this month. For more details go to the DILF web site:

October 2011: Public Sector Procurement Transformation Report This month marks the launch of our report, produced in conjunction with Henley Business School, University of Reading: Why Public Procurement is Central to the UK’s Economic Performance ... and How to Transform It. It reflects detailed research done by Future Purchasing and Henley over the last twelve months, and provides a strategy and action plan for deficit reduction, service delivery and economic growth in the UK impacting £500bn of annual and ongoing spend. Register here to access a free copy of the report.

September 2011: An Introduction to PROCAT

The category management tool developed by Future Purchasing with its strategic partner, CIPS. View the video to understand the benefits PROCAT can bring to your organisation. It e-enables category management in a way that dramatically boosts the performance and productivity of your procurement team in a highly practical and engaging manner. We believe that it is a huge step forward for those senior procurement leaders who are members of CIPS and who wish to drive the maximum value from the heartland process of category management.

August 2011: Major Article Series Part 3: “Value of Value”
We have just completed the third article of an exclusive series for the DILForientering magazine (published by DILF, the Danish Purchasing & Logistics Forum ). This article, written by By Professor Marc Day, Henley Business School, University of Reading; Mark Webb, Managing Director of Future Purchasing, and Jonathan Hughes, Partner at Vantage Partners Inc. This third article assesses the options for building different types of value from supplier relationships, and positions them in relation to ten levers which minimise cost, balance risk and reward, and position procurement as a driver of relational value creation in both the private and public sector. You can access the article here.

July 2011: Major Article Series Part 2: “Accelerating Cost Down Initiatives”
We have just completed the second article of an exclusive series for the DILForientering magazine (published by DILF, the Danish Purchasing & Logistics Forum ). This article, written by Jon Hughes, Duncan Brock & Simon Brown, looks at how organisations are accelerating cost down initiatives to unlock the missing 20% of cost down opportunities. It highlights different approaches that organisations are taking, depending on their procurement maturity, and provides a framework of value levers that organisations can use to determine the best approach for them. You can access the article here. access the article here.

June 2011: Spend Matters Reviews, PROCAT and Track 8
PROCAT is the new and sophisticated category management tool from CIPS. This online toolkit is highly flexible and also intuitive and simple to use. It enables all procurement projects, however large or small, to be managed efficiently with an audit trail that’s transparent for those who need to see it. Read the rest of the review at Spend Matters .

May 2011: CIPS Branch Events in UK Throughout 2011, Future Purchasing is supporting CIPS branch events across the UK. The first one kicks off for the Derbyshire branch on 10th May 2011 in Derby. The event is called "How to Implement Effective Category Management" and will include a demonstration of PROCAT, the CIPS Category Management tool that is based on Track 8. For more information about the event go to the CIPS website: .

April 2011: Major Article Series Part 1: “Reframing Procurement” Future Purchasing, in collaboration with European and US partners, is producing an exclusive series for the DILF Orientering magazine (published by DILF, The Danish Purchasing & Logistics Forum, .) The first article is called "Reframing Procurement's Strategies, Priorities and Deliverables".  It positions the maximisation of value, the minimisation of cost and the balancing of risk as the guiding propositions for procurement as a driver of change across the private and public sectors.  It was written by Jon Hughes, Executive Chairman of Future Purchasing, and Professor Marc Day, of Henley Business School, University of Reading. You can access the article here .

March 2011: PROCAT Exhibitions Future Purchasing is out on the road providing demonstrations of PROCAT, the CIPS version of Track 8, our e-enabled category management solution. If you are interested in driving step change in category planning, strategic sourcing and supplier management, then visit us on the CIPS stand at E-World Purchasing & Supply on 2nd March at the QEII Conference Centre in London or at Procurex National 2011 on 8th & 9th March at the NEC in Birmingham.

February 2011: SRM Research Report, Europe & US
In a recent study, Future Purchasing and Vantage Partners held structured interviews with the initiators and leaders of SRM programmes at 22 European and US companies with highly regarded SRM programmes to better understand: what business objectives led them to develop an SRM programme; which SRM approaches and practices are key to delivering value; what value have they realised from SRM; and how have they measured that value. A report has now been published that summarises the findings from these interviews. You can access the report here .

January 2011: Top 10 Insight Guides We’ve looked back at all the Insight Guides and articles that we published last year, and have selected the Top 10 based on the number of times that they have been downloaded. Here they are, and if you’ve missed reading one of them, please click on the relevant link to download it now

  1. Five Laws of Category Management
  2. Updating & Refreshing Category Management Processes
  3. Lean Category Management - Part 1
  4. Successful Stakeholder Engagement
  5. Stakeholder Engagement - Key Competencies
  6. Benchmarking Procurement
  7. Category Management - Avoiding Savings Leakage
  8. Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  9. Value Delivered by SRM
  10. Flexible Application of Category Management Processes

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