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Posted 21/10/2013

So the long awaited day for us has finally arrived – it’s taken us about 4 months to get to the point where we are able to blog and start, we hope, blogging regularly from now on!  Just a small matter of trying to make sure we put some content in that you will find of interest.

So why’s it taken us so long from that initial desire to blog? Well – a combination of factors which included a very old website, built on a platform that needed a serious upgrade (Phase 1 of proceedings back in August) and then a new design layout (with all the fun that goes with that – you’d be amazed just how much 4 people can agonise over a shade of grey on the background ).  Our new design layout includes all our social media icons so we can be followed on whatever media you prefer.  So we’re now present on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and now – blogging!  So join our LinkedIn group http://www.linkedin.com/company/future-purchasing or follow us on Twitter at @FPurchasing and me at @AllisonJRFL. You can click on the icons in the top right hand corner to get there quickly.

So what’s new about our website? Lots of things!  Firstly our shop window has been brightened up to give you some latest information about what we’re doing.  For our launch this quarter we have 3 major areas of interest:

1)  New Category Management Benchmark . Following the huge success of our category management survey we have used the results to be able to offer an online diagnostic providing an evaluation of where your company is at versus all respondents – or we can do it specifically versus your sector.  This is proving of real interest to CFOs and CPOs to give some ideas for what might be the next focus on the journey.

2)  Track8 This is our online Category Management system providing any procurement function – large or small - with a way of working that’s suitable for them. It works as a repository for all key information on categories and suppliers, as a collaboration tool both within and outside of procurement – with internal stakeholders and as a project management tool to give real insight to the leadership team. It’s a great product and it’s well worth seeing a demo.

3)  Procurement Transformation      – which continues to be a major focus area for us, conducting diagnostics, stating and selling the business case for change and setting up the function alongside CPOs, or CEO (where no procurement function exists). 

Our Knowledge hub remains as active as ever and has been given a more prominent position on the site – we continue to work on this and increase the categorisation to make it as user friendly as possible. And remains free !

We have also given more importance to Supplier Management on our site.  Category Management for us encompasses the planning phase, strategic sourcing and supplier management but we know that not everyone in the procurement market thinks of it that way so we thought we’d give Supplier Management its own space and focus.  More on that some other time!

And for those of you who are really keen and regular visitors to our website you’ll notice that our Performance Learning area has been renamed Learning & Development following feedback, so we think this is now a clearer line of business. 

And last but by no means least, our Leadership Team has strengthened and widened – check us out on the Home Page.

Let us know what you think to our website via twitter, LinkedIn etc. !

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  by Allison Ford-Langstaff

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