Is Category Management More than Just Strategic Sourcing?

Posted 07/02/2014

 “Cross functional teams carrying out formal opportunity analysis and prioritisation is an essential element of Category Management.” 

Our 2012-13 Category Management Survey demonstrated that many organisations still see Category Management as simply another term for Strategic Sourcing. However, our research concludes that Category Management is more than that. 

·         It is a strategic end-to-end process for buying goods and services

·         It aligns business goals and customer requirements with supply market capability

·         It maximises long-term value for the organisation

Planning - the missing component from most organisations’ Category Management approach

As part of our survey, we asked over 300 global organisations: “What activities does your Category Management process cover?”

To read more, including seven key lessons from Procurement leaders, you can download our Insight Guide from the Knowledge Hub here

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  by Mark Webb

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