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Posted 30/04/2014

You may be aware that we published the results of our ground breaking Category Management Survey this time last year.  The 2012-13 results generated quite a buzz around procurement circles – particularly the 46% performance gap between Category Management Leaders and Followers. We are determined to make the 2014 report even more insightful and I would really value your contribution to this year’s survey - click on the link here to participate. 

Last time, over 300 people from 40 countries took part and the results identified the specific practices used by the best performing global leaders in Category Management. This time we have made it even quicker to complete (15 minutes) and more focused and insightful for practitioners with the objective of helping them to drive category management improvement. 

We will release the findings to participants in advance of general publication.  In the shorter term you can choose to receive a free report on Category Management as a Strategic Process on completion of the survey. [Following release of the findings there will be an opportunity for a personal/leadership team briefing on the findings and potentially an organisational benchmark.].

If you can find the time to participate, I’d really appreciate it.  We would also be delighted if you would share this blog using the buttons below to others in your network who may be interested in the findings.  Click here to start .  

Many thanks in advance.

Mark Webb

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