Understanding The NHS Position – FP’s View in Bite Size

Posted 26/09/2014

Part 1: Pessimism about the Future

  • The UK is becoming an older nation at a faster rate than ever before.  80% NHS budget going on chronic conditions.

  • King’s Fund analysis predicts £30bn black hole by 2020.  65 trusts already in default, e.g. North Cumbria £47m.

  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to balance the books while delivering high quality services, yet public expectations continue to rise.

  • There is a deterioration in waiting times and four-hour A&E targets, while increases in patient referrals to hospitals.

  • Wasteful and inefficient supply chains, not helped by legacy of PFI contracts, now being “flipped”.

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  by Allison Ford-Langstaff

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