2014-15 FP Category Management Survey

Posted 03/11/2014

Overview Section

In this first section of the 2014-15 survey we include two summary analyses derived from more detailed findings contained in the report:

  • Seven priority best practices that drive Category Management performance.
  • Category Management capability ranking by industry sector.

This section of the report also includes three key questions about the Category Management environment in each organisation:

  • Category Management maturity.
  • Category Management importance.
  • Percentage of spend covered by category strategies.

You can read the complete Overview Section of the 2014-15 here: Category Management Survey Overview

BUILD Section

Some of the key findings from the BUILD section from our 2014-15 Category Management Survey

We have designed the report in a modular format based on the FP Category Management Building Blocks. In this Viewpoint we share findings and best practices that cover BUILD i.e. the alignment with the business and design and development of Category Management ways of working:

  • What activities does Category Management include and how to can they be made more effective.
  • Are Category Management steps mandatory and how can the process be modulated?
  • Is Category Management "One Way of Working" and how can this be achieved?
  • Is Category Management aligned with organisational objectives and what is needed to make this happen?

Read the BUILD Section of the Category Management Survey

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