Only 27% Of Respondents In Our Latest Catman Survey Rated Their Category Management Training As “Excellent”.

Posted 29/01/2015

Given that Category Management training is one of the biggest investments made by Procurement teams – there is a clear opportunity to improve and drive a much higher ROI. In this month’s Viewpoint we identify some simple steps that can make this happen.

As part of our ongoing mission to codify and share Category Management best practice we asked some new questions in this year’s survey. One of these was about the use of competency frameworks that define specific category management skills. Teams that use these get a clear uplift in performance 

Today we are sharing two of the key topics from the LEARN Section from our 2014-15 Category Management Survey.

We have designed the report in a modular format based on the FP Category Management Building Blocks. In this Viewpoint we share findings and best practices that cover LEARN i.e. the Category Management skills building of Procurement team members:

  • How to develop a well-structured Category Management competency framework?
  • What impact does having a Category Management competencies defined have on performance?
  • What % of teams rate their Category Management training as excellent?
  • How to design Category Management high impact training programmes?

Read about the scale of impact in the LEARN extract we are sharing today.

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  by Mark Webb

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