The Second Most Important Factor In Driving Category Management Performance

Posted 16/02/2015

Stakeholder awareness building is the second most important factor in driving Category Management performance. 

Our 2014-15 Category Management survey has identified a 269% performance gap between organisations that have successfully built awareness of Category Management and those that have not. 

It is clearly an area to focus on and it always pleases us when teams want to include a strong element of stakeholder communications and training into their plans for embedding Category Management. In this month’s Viewpoint we identify some simple steps that can make this happen. Read the recommendations here .

Another area we topic we cover this month is the use of line manager coaching. It’s a key topic for us as we are often asked to play a coaching role for client staff so that they quickly improve their Category Management capability. The survey shows there is a big prize for getting coaching right and the Leaders performance is strongly ahead of the Followers on this practice.

Read about the scale of impact in the LEARN Part II extract we are sharing today

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