How Good are Category Managers at Applying Category Management?

Posted 28/05/2015

An acid test for Category Management success is how well Category Managers can apply the process. Our 2014-15 Category Management survey demonstrates that this is a major competency gap for most organisations.

Investment in training and recruitment are two ways to bridge the competence gap. However, having the time from Category Managers and stakeholders to dedicate to Category Management is another critical enabler and the survey results also show that this is frequently inadequate.

This has real financial implications – with value delivery in Category Management “Leader” organisations 40% greater than “Followers”.

Today we are sharing two topics from the APPLY Section from our 2014-15 Category Management Survey

The overall report is structured around the five Category Management Building Blocks we have identified. The APPLY Building Block deals with excellence of Category Management application, formal Category Management objectives, time available for Category Management, delivery of targets and resource balancing. The findings we are sharing today cover:

  • What percentage of organisations believe they are excellent at applying Category Management?
  • How can organisations improve their Category Management capability?
  • Do category managers have sufficient time for Category Management?
  • Do stakeholders have sufficient time for Category Management?
  • How can stakeholder input be optimised to maximise their contribution?

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  by Mark Webb

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