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Posted 28/01/2016

Sharing Stories From Procurement Leaders On Making Change And Progress

Leading Change In Procurement.… Who Are The Change Makers?

I remain impressed by those who have driven real and substantial change in the way procurement is done in their businesses. There were some great examples at the recent Procurecon conference, from the centralisation of both operational and transactional procurement activities by AstraZeneca to initiatives within Ericsson, Philips lighting and Shell to name a few.

It’s also understandable, and not a little depressing, to see how many of today’s procurement problems haven’t really changed over the last 25 years (ever since we’ve been around). These issues continue to challenge procurement leaders, hindering progress and change.

What remains perennially powerful, however, are the stories we share about what has – and hasn’t – worked so well. Our collective experience helps propel our profession further and faster into an ever turbulent and challenging future. Our people expect us to help prepare them for this path. Our suppliers expect us to be more efficient so they can improve their terms and our business partners expect us to anticipate, respond and improve the value gained from external suppliers.

To learn from those procurement leaders with tales to tell about the changes they have made in the function we will be running a regular ‘Change Makers’ profile. Our aim is to help capture collective experience and invite your responses comments and contributions to create an essential debate for our industry.

To start with we have asked a few of the Procurement leaders we know well to share their stories by asking a few questions about the biggest problem they had with the way Procurement was operating.

If you have something to share as part of the Change Makers series then contact Anna Del Mar for details here.

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