Future Purchasing Advent Calendar Window Three

Posted 03/12/2016

“The top 3 sectors for Category Management are Telecoms, Retail and Transport. But no sector overall is significantly leading the others.”

In our last survey Hotels & Leisure, Construction & Property and Manufacturing came out as the top 3, so it would seem at face value that those sectors have been left behind by 3 sectors that have leapfrogged them.  The truth is slightly different.  The reality is that no sector stands out as having a much greater category management capability than another and all belong, on average, in the Follower profile.  Perhaps more interesting is to note which sectors have organisations that have now reached embedded or optimised status for category management adoption.  These 3 sectors are Telecoms, Retail and Manufacturing.  So perhaps those are the sectors to watch and be part of as clearly there are some organisations in those sectors leading the way.  But beware if you decide to jump ship to a new role in the new year, to chase a ‘leading’ sector – there are some massive variations within sectors.  Telecoms, for example, recorded the highest mean capability across the sector, with an organisation recording the second highest rating overall.  However, it also was the sector that had the most organisations recording the lowest rating for catman adoption too!

New Year’s Resolution No. 3:  Create an inspiring vision for your team to ‘be the no.1 in your sector’ by the time we do our next report for 2018/19. Why? Because for the team a winning mindset motivates and inspires change, and for the business the returns could be 3 fold and more greater than current (see Window 2).

You can click below to download our 2016-17 Global Category Management Leadership Report Executive Summary.

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  by Allison Ford-Langstaff

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