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Posted 13/12/2016

“Only 29% of procurement teams agreed their category management training was excellent”

We have identified this as the no. 10 driver of category management performance and success.  Overall 29% of all respondents strongly agree or agree that their category management training is excellent.

The survey results show that 45% of leaders strongly agree or agree that their training was excellent, compared with just 21% of followers. Even more worryingly,33% of followers (who remember represent 72% of the total survey participants) disagreed completely that their training was excellent, compared with 13% of leaders.

Most results are very similar to the 2014-15 survey, although the number of followers disagreeing reduced from 44% which shows some movement in the right direction.

New Year’s resolution no. 13:   Reconsider the training you offer.  The differences may be due to Leaders ensuring that training is fully tailored to their environment – with time invested in planning course content, agendas, style of delivery and outputs expected. Or it could be they have invested more time in terms of course length and selecting well matched suppliers.  When was the last time you reviewed the training content? The style? The delivery? Are there different levels to take people from a basic course, to intermediate, to advanced to offer the chance to truly learn something new?  Do you make all training interventions purposeful? i.e. is there an outcome expected from it to motivate participants?  Overall consider if it’s become tired, and could do with a new injection of energy.  External learning & development professionals will provide design advice, and pre- and post- learning activities to encourage back ‘on the job’ outcomes.  As a top 10 driver of performance, you can’t really afford not to invest the time in this.

You can click below to download our 2016-17 Global Category Management Leadership Report Executive Summary.

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  by Allison Ford-Langstaff

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