Future Purchasing Advent Calendar Window Twenty

Posted 20/12/2016

“At no 17, of our Top 19 drivers of Category Management performance was, do Managers have enough time to do the job.   Our survey said 39%...”              

…do have enough time to do the job! We asked respondents to state whether Category Managers have sufficient time for Category Management activities.  Overall 39% agreed they did. Interestingly this did not vary much between Leaders and Followers being 38% and 41% respectively.  This might in part be explained by the different level of ambition that is likely between a Leader and a Follower profile. Between 32% (Leaders) and 39% (Followers) disagreed they had sufficient time to do the job and the rest were indifferent.

This has dipped significantly amongst Leaders since the last survey when 51% of Category Management Leaders felt their category managers had enough time to do the job, compared with only 27% (then) of Followers. So it would seem that Followers have been investing but Leaders have lost a bit of edge, as more Leaders actively disagreed they had enough time in this recent survey than last time (up from 23% last time, to 32% this time.)

New Year’s Resolution No. 20: For category managers, the first step is to analyse workload and reduce low value added activities (e.g. P2P) or create a separate team to handle these. A category plan should be created for each individual – built and agreed by the category manager and their line manager that realistically assesses what is possible given other activities, and makes a case for investment in temporary or other resource if not.  See Window 16 for a complimenting New Year’s Resolution.

You can click below to download our 2016-17 Global Category Management Leadership Report Executive Summary.

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  by Allison Ford-Langstaff

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