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Archived under "December 2019"

Deep under the North Pole, the final effort is underway, making sure that the wrapping lines are moving at full power and the dispatch team is ready to go. As ever, the elves in the Procurement team (this really is e-procurement) are having a moment to reflect on the challenges of getting this far.

by Mark Hubbard


Saving the NHS

The NHS is a centrepiece of the U.K. It is a unique, open access healthcare system, virtually free at the point of use. It is also the fifth largest employer in the world (after the us and Chinese military, Indias railway and either India post or China post, depending on years), and consumes more of the U.K. GDP than defence and education together. And it’s in trouble.

by Mark Hubbard

Both Procurement and Sales need to have a good grasp of the customers strategy; one side to make sure they are addressing the core needs of their customers strategy, the other to make sure they are servicing the needs of that strategy.

by Mark Hubbard