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Archived under "May 2020"

A recent post asked for a view of what strategic procurement means to people. There was a range of replies, but the most significant impact in this house was the need to sit back and think more deeply about what this short phrase means. We hear it a lot, but defining it isn’t easy.

by Mark Hubbard

In response to Covid 19, how well are you collaborating and managing your workload in this new virtual world? Over the last few months we have introduced a number of “agile” approaches into our operating model. Whilst for many, “agile” is just a buzzword and the latest shiny new management tool, it does have some really useful tools and techniques to help manage your daily workload.

by Mark Bassington

Right now, we’re in the midst of something that is genuinely detracting from our ability to focus on the longer term. The short-term has gotten right in the way of anything else. Propping up supply chains is more critical than finding long-term value. Finding alternative suppliers is more essential than ensuring all value is identified and delivered. Innovation takes a distant second place to delivery.

by Mark Hubbard