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In response to Covid 19, how well are you collaborating and managing your workload in this new virtual world? Over the last few months we have introduced a number of “agile” approaches into our operating model. Whilst for many, “agile” is just a buzzword and the latest shiny new management tool, it does have some really useful tools and techniques to help manage your daily workload.

by Mark Bassington

Sustainability is a consistent undercurrent in a whole range of media at the moment; in the news, in opinion pieces, on the TV, we are confronted with a whole range of ideas and concepts, many being made a lot more strongly than has been the case for a number of years. The magnitude of the challenge is huge, requiring dramatic changes in the behaviour of whole populations.

by Mark Hubbard

This month we are pleased to profile Nicolas Passaquin (Global Head of Sourcing Delivery) of Thomson Reuters on the role off-shoring has played in their Sourcing transformation. Nicolas has been at Thompson Reuters/ Reuters since 2003 and previously worked for Numico and Air France

by Change Makers

Creating a strategic procurement function in a diverse investment company in the Middle East

by Change Makers

Creating group procurement expertise in a de-centralised business

by Change Makers


Change Makers

New Feature: Sharing Stories From Procurement Leaders On Making Change And Progress

by Change Makers