Category Management: Implementing category management

Business Situation

What was the problem?

Solution Implemented

How did FP resolve it?

Benefits Delivered

What was delivered?
  • Best practice sourcing and supplier management process developed with client.
  • Process and toolkit adapted for use on corporate intranet site.
  • Need to validate operational aspects of the process and tools.
  • Need to embed process and tools with core leaders in the team ready for full scale launch.
  • Series of pilot projects identified to trial the process.
  • High level training and one to one coaching support put in place for project leaders.
  • Support provided live at point of need as leaders implemented the process and used the tools.
  • Early review of intranet user interface to optimise structure.
  • Category strategies developed for two key global categories.
  • Far East sourcing strategy implemented for core component delivering savings of 40%.
  • Output oriented intranet, user tested and optimised for full launch.
  • Key category managers trained in the use of the process and tools.
  • Tools tested and ready for roll out.

Future Purchasing’s Role:

Hands-on coaching and support for the leaders of the pilot projects.
Provide insights and expertise in the specific tools, and how they can be applied.
Prepare for and support internal programme reviews / gate reviews.
Programme management of the pilot projects to ensure projects are on time and deliver the projected benefits.
Capture improvement suggestions for the GSM toolkit.

Coaching and facilitation support for (A) category strategy development and (B) implementation.

A Category Plan
Research & Analyse
Strategy Development
  • Business Engagement
  • Opportunity Prioritisation
  • Subcategory Profile
  • Business Requirements (IMPACT)
  • Supply Market and Supplier Analysis
  • Cost Analysis & TCO
  • Analysis meeting
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Options Meeting
  • Risk Analysis
  • Sourcing Strategy
Elapsed time: 2 weeks Elapsed time: 6 - 8 weeks Elapsed time: 4 weeks
B Enquiry Qualification
  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Communication
  • Business Requirements
  • Supply Market and Supplier Analysis
  • Enquiries
  • Cost Analysis & TCO
  • Risk Analysis
  • Supply & Value Chain Analysis
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • Proposal Evaluation
  • Supplier Qualification
  • Negotiation
  • Contracts
  • Implementation
  • Supplier Approval
Elapsed time: 4 weeks Elapsed time: 6 weeks Elapsed time: 4 - 8 weeks

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