Procurement Transformation: A three-year transformational journey, Sourcing@12, in the Danish pharmaceutical company Lundbeck

Ken Friis, CPO

Ken Friis is Vice President & CPO Corporate Sourcing in Lundbeck, which he joined in mid-2009. He has an 18-year track record in operations management, particularly transformation of decentralised procurement into a more robust, centrally led, global strategic sourcing organisation.

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Jon Hughes and Ken Friis wrote an article together for Procurement Leaders (2010). They outlined ten approaches that ensure a CPO builds the right platform to secure a mandate for change during their first 100 days.

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Business Situation

What was the problem?

Solution Implemented

How did FP resolve it?

Benefits Delivered

What was delivered?
  • Major strategic refocusing under way across the company, with top executive emphasis on change.
  • New CPO appointed as a change agent for procurement transformation, with a determination to become “#1”.
  • Lundbeck suffering from no strategic sourcing, fragmented spend & transactional purchasing.
  • Needed better people, business alignment, strong support for business goals and drivers.
  • Positioned as a change management journey and a three-year phased structured programme.
  • Developed strategy and road map, Sourcing@12, with executive endorsement for investment in capability and competence.
  • Six phases of change in the road map. Quick wins built momentum then adoption of core processes.
  • Spend visibility, cost transparency, formal savings tracking, “one set of numbers and no funny money”. All validated by Finance.
  • Sourcing@12 delivers 12%+ cost down, 10:1 return on investment, explicit EBIT and profit contribution.
  • Quick wins gave credibility, and demonstrated success. Programme broke even in six months.
  • Competence and capability dramatically strengthened, with much stronger team and processes.
  • Business-wide governance adopted, with integrated procurement structure, consistent application of category management and globalisation.

Examples of Cost & Value Opportunities Delivered:

savings from the quick wins programme
savings from category management programme
full adoption of process toolkit & skills building
significant improvement in procurement function's profile
major strengthening of procurement competence

Delivery of the Programme - A Step-by-Step Journey over Three Years:


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