Supplier Management: Refresh and redesign of stakeholder engagement, category management and SRM processes

Business Situation

What was the problem?

Solution Implemented

How did FP resolve it?

Benefits Delivered

What was delivered?
  • Need to realign procurement category management to business brand management.
  • Lack of enthusiasm, passion and commitment to worldwide process adoption.
  • Existing materials felt to be bureaucratic, non-value adding and not focused on the needs of the user.
  • Create design concepts for new category management structure, aiming for a high emotional impact.
  • Upgrade category management  & supplier management processes.
  • Integrate both processes into a more flexible, web enabled system.
  • Redefine the competence and capability model.
  • Train global team.
  • New user friendly and attractive web enabled process introduced.
  • Dramatic refresh of design,   content, look and feel of process.
  • Sourcing team productivity increased by 7%.
  • Process penetration increased   from 40% to 85%. Creation of a Procurement community that   shares information.

Background to the Programme:

This premium beverage company had focused on procurement category and supplier management since the mid-1990s, particularly as part of merger integration and post-merger consolidation.

In recent years a new procurement leadership structure was introduced, focused on the next phase of transformation as part of a broader business change programme, Destination 2011. There was a requirement to refresh and renew core procurement processes, as well as enthusing and empowering the worldwide leadership and management team to adopt them in the right way.

Future Purchasing was commissioned to redesign the processes, work closely with a design team and then roll out the adoption of the processes through a series of leadership and team workshops.

Delivery of the Programme - High Level Illustration of Structure and Content

Development Team New Capabilities Web Enabled Process
  • Parallel design teams working with external providers
  • Future Purchasing central to design and relaunch
  • Substantial creation of new content and web enablement
  • Redefined DWEP: Our Way of Effective Procurement
  • Redefined capability map
  • Driven by critical incidents and ‘moments of truth’ experienced
  • A new prism - brand orientation
  • Move away from inflexible, linear procurement process
  • Introduction of ‘The Loop’ e.g. ‘My Business Loop’
  • Dramatic refresh of design, content, look and feel of process

Worldwide Launch & Roll-Out Workshops

Preparation / Prior Evening Day 1 Day 2
  • Pre-briefing and ‘teaser’ campaign
  • Leader readiness to coach
  • Speed networking
  • Creating regional connections
  • Video & connecting people
  • Becoming an integrated partner
  • DVD game and innovation project
  • Challenges to implementation
  • Role plays - ‘Getting in The Loop’
  • Working together
  • Stakeholder video & exercises
  • How will your life be different?

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