Detailed case study - Category management process implementation & training for global engineering company

Business Situation

What was the problem?

Solution Implemented

How did FP resolve it?

Benefits Delivered

What was delivered?
  • Professional sourcing in place at divisional level but no common or consistent approach to category management.
  • Global CPO wished to leverage group procurement opportunities across divisions and implement best practice category management as an engine for doing this.
  • Using the Future Purchasing guides and templates as a basis, we created a bespoke, best practice category management toolkit of guides and templates accessible online
  • Designed a comprehensive training programme covering a wide range of technical and influencing techniques for category strategy development and implementation
  • Successful launch to Category management programme with enthusiastic response from participants and wider business
  • 100 category managers trained across USA & Europe.
  • Cat. Managers now able to plan, research and conduct strategic analysis to create world class category sourcing strategies for a wide range of categories


Project Activities:

Agree Process
  • Development of client bespoke category management process linked to Client business issues & culture
Design guides & workshops
  • Creation of online category management excellence toolkit of guides and templates
  • Design of Interactive training
  • Real project breakout activities design for direct and indirect categories
Deliver Workshops
  • Interactive 2 day programme capturing analysis and ideas for real life projects in addition to training process & skills

“Future Purchasing’s Category Management program is exceptional and helps to deliver rapid results”

“FP training presented both new and familiar tools in a way that ties them to current real project situations and demonstrates the real value of standardised category management processes. Future Purchasing, has extensive industry experience & quickly garnered respect from the team and highlighting relevant business challenges for discussion throughout. The workshops had an excellent mix of interactive presentation and hands-on breakout sessions ensured that everyone was engaged and participating actively. Without exception, all our participants saw significant value in the training and have subsequently made real progress using the tool kit.”


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