Category Management skills and behavioural training for Global Aerospace company

Business Situation

What was the problem?

Solution Implemented

How did FP resolve it?

Benefits Delivered

What was delivered?
  • Gap in category management skills in large numbers of the global buying team.
  • Requirement for stimulating, interactive, best practice and locally delivered category management training.
  • Requirement to incorporate behavioural change management skills and practical exercises to bring new skills to life.
  • Created tools and templates based on FP best practices.
  • Designed highly interactive 3 day training and coaching programme combining a blend of discussion, teaching, practical exercises on real project issues.
  • Real strategic and practical analysis work done in the course of the training so that performance can improve immediately.
  • Training cohorts mixed to allow for group discussion and sharing of ideas across different parts of the business.
  • 11 workshops held in UK, USA, Canada & Singapore.
  • 144 buyers trained across Europe, USA & Asia.
  • Enthusiastic response from participants with consistently high scores achieved.
  • Specific business awareness from the trainers allowed for more focused training & discussions.


Design of the Training Programme:

Agree Scope
  • Agreement of learning topics and training style.
  • Alignment of best practice to client processes & context.
Design Workshops
  • Interactive programme design, blending technical with soft skills training.
Develop Materials
  • Creation of category management excellence handbook.
  • Real project breakout activities design for Marketing, IT & Facilities.
Deliver Workshop
  • Interactive 2.5 day programme capturing analysis and ideas for real life projects in addition to training process & skills.
Deliver Coaching
  • Follow up coaching and action learning.

“Really Liked break-outs and practical application”

“Activities which put theories into context. Liked the activity and the role-play. They make you think about models and knowledge much more than in textbooks”

“Great training course! Very valuable to reflect on the day job”

“Best course I have been on here”

“The Future Purchasing Team were great to work with. They delivered a tailored training package on a global basis. The holistic manner in which this course was delivered has been the key to really making the training impactful for the recipients”

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