Performance Learning: Implementing a competency assessment programme

Business Situation

What was the problem?

Solution Implemented

How did FP resolve it?

Benefits Delivered

What was delivered?
  • Global procurement team recently formed with many new recruits.
  • Business need to improve core procurement capabilities.
  • Limited budgets for investment in learning & development.
  • No standard role profiles or measurement of capabilities.
  • HR working with procurement to develop people strategy.
  • Competency framework for global procurement developed.
  • All team members carried out self assessments against ideal profiles.
  • Full analysis of results produced, identifying key gaps.
  • Learning & development programme developed.
  • Priority training programme underway to address critical needs.
  • Key skills gaps identified, leading to a targeted recruitment programme.
  • New training programme focused on major business needs.
  • Highly competent people identified as potential coaches/trainers.
  • Retention of staff and team morale improved.
  • HR rolled out approach in other functions, publicity for procurement.


Competency Assessment Programme

Develop Competency Model
  • Link to organisational structure.
  • Build around existing frameworks.
Design Assessment Process
  • Built on FP’s framework.
  • Populate assessment tool
Complete Assessment
  • Self assessment vs ideal profiles.
  • Peer and manager assessments.
Analyse & Define Needs
  • Identify competency gaps.
  • Develop L&D programme.
Implement Learning & Development
  • Tackle high priority needs.
  • Reassess to measure success.

Example outputs from Future Purchasing’s Competency Assessment tool

Individual results matched against an ideal competency role profile

Priority areas for development identified for a procurement team

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