Performance Learning: Designing and delivering an integrated education programme / purchasing academy

Business Situation

What was the problem?

Solution Implemented

How did FP resolve it?

Benefits Delivered

What was delivered?
  • Organisation going through major structural change to improve financial performance.
  • Need for procurement leadership development and “up-skilling”
  • New ways of working were required to make a step change in performance
  • Design an integrated programme aligned to the client’s ‘Wheel of Excellence’ and global academy.
  • Expose procurement and category leaders to breakthrough applications and sophisticated tools and skills.
  • Create a ‘best in class’ programme.
  • Aligned with key HR processes and educational structures.
  • Internal leadership and competence standards applied.
  • Appropriate balance between technical and behavioural focus.
  • Close links to purchasing management standards.


Background to the Programme:

This international FMCG has been undergoing major structural and executive changes as part of a global programme designed to accelerate financial business performance as compared with top quartile peers. Procurement leadership and the operating model have changed significantly with the adoption of many new ways of working and different business reporting.

Internal attitude surveys had highlighted the need for procurement leadership development and up-skilling. Future Purchasing was invited to work with the transformation management office (TMO) in the design of a Series 1 and Series 2 ‘best in class’ programme.

The brief was to “upgrade knowledge and skills far beyond where the company is today”.

Delivery of the Programme - High Level Illustration of Structure and Content.

TMO Design Series 1 Series 2: Breakthrough Purchasing
Joint Design Team 3.5 Day Module 3.5 Day Module
US & Germany US, Europe, China All modules delivered in Germany
  • 120 delegates Series 1
  • 80 delegates Series 2
  • 70:30 internal and external input Series 1
  • Future Purchasing 100% input Series 2
  • Pre-reading and self-study assignments
  • Close links to purchasing management standards
  • Project macro plan
  • ‘Wheel of Excellence’
  • Purchasing management standards
  • Core purchasing tools
  • Strategic sourcing models
  • Financial & business contribution
  • Measuring success
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Emphasises mind set change & advanced breakthroughs
  • Driven by shareholder value & financial frame-works e.g. EVA & ROCE
  • Balance between operational excellence (Series 1) & strategic impact (Series 2)
  • Customised materials
  • Financial performance impact & business needs
  • Advanced procurement cost management
  • Transformational levers in supplier value management
  • Leadership & business implications
  • Agreed actions for country & global adoption
  • Agenda 12 strategy
  • Margin improvement
  • Consistent standards
  • Upgrade knowledge
  • Mind set change
  • Major breakthroughs
  • Value maximisation
  • Cost minimisation

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