Performance Learning: Delivery of a Procurement Academy to strengthen business collaboration across two global companies

Business Situation

What was the problem?

Solution Implemented

How did FP resolve it?

Benefits Delivered

What was delivered?
  • Two organisations operating across fmcg, foods, media, chemicals, beer and beverages entered into a worldwide alliance.
  • Real need to align procurement practices, processes and behaviours in order to leverage the benefits of an alliance.
  • A procurement academy was used to strengthen collaboration.
  • Expose worldwide procurement leaders to ‘best in class’ practices.
  • Encourage collaboration at the category and supplier level between two companies linked together in a strategic alliance.
  • Build knowledge and skills in procurement change management
  • Delivered regular workshops over 36 months period globally
  • Strong process and high quality content
  • Provide strategic frameworks and suitable operating models
  • Focus on collaboration behaviour
  • Develop influencing strategies
  • Focus on stakeholder needs
  • Highly participative programme


Background to the Programme:

Two Scandinavian headquartered companies - one focused on beer and the other a foods, media and chemicals conglomerate - agreed to develop a common Procurement Academy for all their key procurement specialists in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Future Purchasing was invited to work alongside other providers in the design and delivery of the Academy. We concentrated on two challenging areas - how to make internal cross-business collaboration of procurement a strength of the alliance, and the leadership implications of procurement transformation and change management.

Once the programme was designed, a series of workshops was delivered over the three-year life cycle of the alliance. We consistently achieved the highest ratings of any provider by adopting a very interactive and participative approach. The brief was to “upgrade knowledge and skills far beyond where the company is today”.

Delivery of the Programme - High Level Illustration of Structure and Content.

‘Collaborating to Compete’ ‘Strategies for Procurement Transformation’
2 Day Workshop Module 3.5 Day Module
Module delivered in Oslo or Copenhagen Module delivered in Oslo or Copenhagen
  • Individual benchmarking of current practice
  • All delegates allocated to a cross-country team
  • Focus on creating a collaboration code of behaviour
  • Role modelling of behaviour in teams
  • Identification of targets
  • Globalisation and collaboration processes
  • Best practice internal collaboration
  • Leadership, teams and ways of working
  • Criteria and targets for collaboration
  • Use of collaboration tools
  • Leadership action plans
  • Specially commissioned company case study - ‘Beautiful Brands’
  • Complete immersion in case simulation and role plays for two days
  • Cross-functional & cross-business teams
  • Big picture focus
  • Learning by doing
  • Strategies for business success & the ‘big wins’
  • Making change happen
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Best practice vs. next practice procurement
  • Getting relationship management right
  • Measuring success
  • Selling it internally
  • Multi-country
  • Multi-business
  • Collaboration models
  • Code of behaviour
  • External strategy
  • Internal change
  • Stakeholder needs
  • Influencing behaviour

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