Take a look at the findings from our previous 2014-15 survey

The survey results confirm that Category Management is the foundation of professional Procurement functions, with 75% confirming it as a Top 3 priority in 2015. However, most organisations are still in the early stages of embedding Category Management – with only 5% of respondents describing their Category Management approach as fully “Optimised”.

The comprehensive 64 page report quantifies the business case for leadership:

  • 82% more spend covered by category strategies
  • 113% more support from top management
  • 49%-111% more savings delivered

The headlines of our previous survey:

The survey questions were designed around our five building blocks of Category Management: Build, Learn, Lead, Apply and Deliver.

Why improve category management?

Both Leaders and Followers believe that optimising Category Management will deliver additional savings. Leaders expect a 4.1% increase to current levels – increasing total savings to 12.4% and boosting current performance by 49% . Followers have the potential to boost their current 5.9% savings performance by 111% .

5 ways FP can take you to Category Management Leadership

Personal briefing on the Category Management Leadership survey

Contact us for a discussion on the detailed findings and recommendations in this report and our experience of working on 50+ Category Management projects. This could be on a 1-1 basis or for a team responsible for Category Management development. The flexible format will generate ideas for designing or enhancing your Category Management approach.

Benchmark your Category Management performance against Leaders

Compare yourself against “Leaders” and confirm the detailed changes required to improve Category Management and advance to the next level of performance. FP can benchmark your organisation’s Category Management performance against a unique dataset of more than 300 global organisations across 100 criteria and produce targeted recommendations.

Training & Skills development

FP provides inspiring & transformational Category Management training which enables our clients to achieve up to 20% annual improvements in capability. We blend interactive and high energy workshops, coaching and real project activities into a continuous cycle that builds mastery. Our programmes combine Procurement with prioritised Leadership skills.

Competency assessment - Compass™

Competency assessment is often the first step in capability transformation. We help clients to identify & prioritise the key Procurement and Leadership skills that they need for the future. Our on-line Compass tool is used to assess individuals against a customised set of competencies and create reports that identify strengths, weaknesses and recommendations.

Category Management Toolkit –Track8 ®

Track8 is our Category Management toolkit that covers the three core processes of Category Planning, Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management. Our guides and templates are consistently written, modern, powerful, user friendly and can be readily customised to meet client needs. Track8 Online includes programme management and workflow.

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The 2014-15 Category Management Leadership Report Summary

If you would like to download the 4 page Executive Summary of our report on Category Management Leadership Click below

Insight Guide

Read our insight guide to access a 5 step approach to help CPOs and L&D leaders convert competence into performance and maximise the return from investment in procurement skills development, click below:

Ready for Leadership?

If you are interested in achieving Category Management Leadership or you would like to discuss or comment on the report findings contact:

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