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All savings identified by our experts are validated, quantified and prioritised based on the size of the prize and the speed of benefits delivery. These will be presented to you in an easy to understand format along with macro plans for delivery.

Cost Reduction projects typically last 6-9 months with a focus on delivering savings within the current fiscal year. We use simple but effective governance tools to ensure projects progress and savings are delivered as agreed. Savings are tracked, measured, and approved by both organisations so that savings are captured and performance of each assignment is clearly known and understood.

We have found our cost reduction solution to be a low risk answer to short-term savings delivery. Recent assignments have delivered measured savings of 10-20x the costs of the programme. This has enabled our clients to pay for the programme from the savings delivered.

If you would like to know more about how Future Purchasing can help
you with any aspect of Cost Reduction please contact

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