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Available Documents

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Equipped for a Bumpy Ride: Commodity Risk Management
A sustained period of volatility in commodity markets demands that procurement develop a more disciplined approach to managing cost risk. CPO Agenda article (Autumn 2008).
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Risk Management, Part 1: Enterprise-Wide Strategy as the Starting Point
Provides a 20-point checklist for aligning procurement practice to enterprise-wide risk management.
Case Study: Procter & Gamble and Ryanair.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Risk Management, Part 2: Six Major Risk Management Strategies
Covers six major generic risk management strategies, together with three examples of each.
Case Study: Hewlett Packard.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Risk Management, Part 3: Addressing Supplier Insolvency & Disruption Risks
Argues for a strengthening of procurement risk management at a time of worsening macro-economic trends due to deficit reduction and unsustainable sovereign debt.
Case Study: Tetra Pak.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Risk Management, Part 4: Value at Risk (VaR): Methodology or Mind-Set?
Assesses the relevance of value at risk (VaR) methodologies and how best to apply them in procurement.
Case Study: BP.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Risk Management, Part 5: Deep Values and Behaviour vs. Executional Practice
Draws together key operational risk management requirements as well as a number of deeper concerns about complacency over enterprise risk in the supply chain.
Case Study: Olympus
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Copenhagen (Dis)ac(cord)
Summarises the outcome of climate change negotiations and business leader reaction.
Case Study: Tesco & Wal-Mart.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Sustainable Sourcing: Positioning Best Practice on a Value Curve
Positions sustainable sourcing on a performance value curve and benchmarks emerging practice.
Case Study: AkzoNobel.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Responsible Sourcing
Continues the debate on sustainability and provides feedback on CPOs' views.
Case Study: Toyota.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Risk Reduction Through SRM
Outlines how SRM is a key tool for reducing ongoing supply risk as well as reducing costs and maximising value.
 PDF Available