Transform Your Supply Chain - Releasing Value in Business

Why is strategic procurement and supply management one of the last frontiers for business transformation and innovation? How do top executives and chief procurement officers unlock the significant opportunities that still exist, while leading and addressing the challenges of change? Where are these opportunities to boost shareholder value in the private sector and public service value in government and the public sector? How can all the various stakeholders be engaged and motivated to support major initiatives and change programmes capable of releasing this value?

Transform Your Supply Chain provides comprehensive coverage of the rapidly emerging field of strategic procurement and strategic supplier management as practiced by leading organisations worldwide.

The approach is direct, challenging, but readily accessible to senior executive readers as well as professional procurement specialists. It focuses on the critical linkages between vigorous external supply market management, the application of innovative interventions with key suppliers and internal strengthening of organisational procurement processes and capabilities, while delivering breakthrough cost reduction and step change supplier performance improvement.

A considerable array of case studies from the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific bring the approach to life, and highlight the need for top executives to drive the process of change. By framing a ten-step “agenda for action”, the authors guide the reader through the interventions required to attain and secure sustainable competitive advantage for the private sector, and deficit reduction and service delivery improvement in the public sector.

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