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We are highly committed to practitioner relevant research, the creation and publication of ‘best practice’ and emerging ‘next practice’ in procurement (especially Category Management, Procurement Transformation, Supplier Management, Training & Development and Cost Reduction). UK CIPS acknowledged this with the 2006 Swinbank Award for Procurement Innovation. We continue to publish and support practitioner communities worldwide.

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Supplier Management Building Blocks
This insight guide identifies the three key building blocks required to deliver a practical supplier management programme.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Strategic Supplier Management, Part 2: The Business Case for SRM
Outlines eight recommendations for building a business case and demonstrating the value of SRM.
Case Study: Future Purchasing and Vantage Partners' SRM Research.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Segmenting Suppliers and Relationships: Critical Frameworks for Managing Supplier Strategy
Systematises five broad supplier initiatives covering different types of suppliers. Identifies relationship factors that can be used to assess these supplier types
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Creating & Capturing Value with Suppliers
Throughout the work of Future Purchasing, we find that organisations talk about value but don’t take appropriate actions to capture it. This Insight Guide provides a framework connecting supplier value to its financial impact.
 PDF Available  
Making SRM Happen | Ten Change Levers | Procurement
Highlights the benefits available from SRM; the need to develop a strategy, process and change plan for successful implementation; and provides a framework to assess "SRM change readiness".
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Developing Skills in Supplier Relationship Management
Compares the SRM skills needed by procurement professionals with their sourcing competencies and identifies actions to address the skills shortfall.
 PDF Available  
Insight Guide: Value Delivered by SRM
Summarises the ten key findings from Future Purchasing’s 2009 SRM value study.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Strategic Supplier Management, Part 1: SRM in its Infancy
Highlights key findings from the Future Purchasing & Vantage Partners study into SRM value delivery.
Case Study: BBC.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Strategic Supplier Management, Part 3: The Value of Value
Examines four SRM value enablers as well as value capture through reduced costs, increased revenue and reduced risk exposure.
Case Study: American Airlines.
 PDF Available  
CPO Communiqué: Strategic Supplier Management, Part 4: Organising for SRM
Looks at timescales, ownership, structure, accountability, resource requirements and key change management levers of SRM.
Case Study: Global Oil Major.
 PDF Available  
Business Relationship Management: The Four Faces of Building Value with Strategic Suppliers
This report summarises the outputs from the "value builder" survey that covered a large number of both buy side and sell side people involved in strategic supplier management in the private and public sectors.
 PDF Available  
Value Delivered by Strategic SRM in Major Organisations
This report contains the key findings, from joint research by Future Purchasing in the UK and Vantage Partners in the US, into the value created by SRM. It is built on interviews with a wide range of multi-national companies who are seen as leaders in the application of SRM.
 PDF Available  
Supplier Relationship Management 2.0
SRM is undergoing fundamental change and professionalisation as it evolves into a standalone process, the equal of strategic sourcing. This is SRM 2.0, and the implications of the change are detailed in the DILF Orientering article (February 2007).
 PDF Available  
Negotiating with Strategic Partners
Getting optimum value from major suppliers requires a more sophisticated approach to negotiation skills and behaviour. This CPO Agenda article (Autumn 2007) provides insights into strategic negotiation behaviours.
 PDF Available  
Unlocking the Value of Collaboration with Strategic Suppliers
New global research indicates that working closely with strategic suppliers can yield significant value. The key issue is how to harvest it in practice and this is covered in this CPO Agenda article (Winter 2007/8).
 PDF Available  
Strategic Relationships
How effectively you interact with your key suppliers can have a powerful impact on business performance. This Supply Chain Management Review article (April 2008) focuses on strategic supplier relationship management and how to implement it successfully in the business.
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