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21st May Viewpoint May 2020
An Introduction to the Future Purchasing Interactive
Virtual Learning Portfolio.

Our modules delivered over
2 to 4 days or "just in Time" learning in parallel with strategy planning for category management, negotiation and supplier relationship management.

10/07/2018 Viewpoint July 2018
How To Make Category Management A Business Process And Not Just A Procurement Process
29/05/2018 Viewpoint May 2018
How do Leaders Build
Strong Stakeholder
Support for Category Management?
28/02/2018 Viewpoint February 2018
How to Secure Investment For Category Management Improvement
01/02/2018 Viewpoint January 2018
This month we share key findings and practical recommendations from our global category   management survey that teams can use   to maximise returns from investments in   learning and development.
10/01/2018 Viewpoint December 2017
How to make Category Managers better at applying catman & how to fully embed the key skills required.
23/10/2017 Viewpoint October 2017
In this issue we focus on
building stakeholder understanding of category management.
30/06/2017 Viewpoint June 2017
In this months edition we
take an in-depth look at investment levels that
teams make.
09/05/2017 Viewpoint April 2017
Joint Objectives & Delivery Accountability - Formalising Stakeholder Commitment
28/02/2017 Viewpoint February 2017
This month our theme is the critical activity of aligning category management with the business.
31/01/2017 Viewpoint January 2017
FP Launches the 2016-17 Category Management Leadership Report
05/10/2016 Viewpoint Sept 2016
We summarise the Three
Key Building Blocks of a Practical Supplier Management Programme
01/08/2016 Viewpoint July 2016
Modulating your approach to category management
makes it more relevant to the Procurement team
09/06/2016 Viewpoint April 2016
Converting competence to performance and maximising the ROI of skills development
03/03/2016 Viewpoint February 2016
How to Transform Procurement in the NHS
22/02/2016 Viewpoint January 2016
How to Improve Strategy Implementation and Reduce Value Wastage?
30/10/2015 Viewpoint October 2015
How Much Does Implementation Matter?
30/10/2015 Viewpoint Sept 2015
FP Category Management Survey - Which Value
Levers Do Leaders Use Most?
31/07/2015 Viewpoint July 2015
Here we look at another
acid test for the quality of category management & how good are the category strategies created?
08/07/2015 Viewpoint June 2015
Here we share two topics from the DELIVER
Section of our 2014-15
Cat Man Survey