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Anna Del Mar

Anna Del Mar

Learning & Development Director,
Future Purchasing

Welcome to the April edition of FP Viewpoint.

This month we focus on helping organisations to get the best return from their training investment .

With enormous pressure on businesses to streamline their operations and find ways of driving performance in increasingly competitive environments, the need to improve capability and maximise returns from T&D; investment is critical

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Benchmark Your Category Management Capability

Future Purchasing can benchmark your Category Management capability using our Catman Adoption Framework™ . This confirms the scale of additional benefit available to your organisation by optimising Category Management. We compare you against “world class” performance across 100 criteria and work with you to prioritise the improvement areas, develop an implementation roadmap and quantify the additional value available. The process takes 3-5 days and we believe this is the most effective way to start unlocking the 49%-111% additional value available from Category Management.

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Converting competence to performance and maximising the ROI of skills development

A leading private equity firm confirmed to us that more than 75% of value creation in their $32Bn portfolio companies comes from operational performance improvement.

Procurement has a large contribution to make to any performance improvement programme and increasing capability is often a critical step in achieving this

Some believe that parts of the learning and development industry has been distracted in the past decade, focusing on e-learning and other training delivery platforms rather than understanding and communicating the critical change levers needed to increase capability and drive business performance improvement.

We have identified five learning success factors that leading organisations apply:

  • Performance outcomes: What performance outcomes is your organisation really looking for - at the business, Procurement team and category level?
  • Measurement & ROI: What KPI's should be used and what ROI can reasonably be expected?
  • Blended learning pathway: What combination of formal classroom, coaching, peer learning and real life projects is required for each team member?
  • Enablers: What changes to processes, systems, recognition, attitudes etc are require to embed the learning and make it sustainable?
  • Leadership support: What behaviours and actions are required from Procurement and business stakeholders to support application of new skills?

Consideration of these factors is critical in targeting, designing and delivering successful and sustainable learning programmes.

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