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Technical procurement or behavioural skills?
The changing emphasis in procurement training

Mark Webb

Mark Webb
Managing Director
Future Purchasing


Welcome to this month's FP Viewpoint. In this issue we are examining the skills of category managers – a topic that is a high priority for all teams that we work with and meet. As ever, we have identified practical recommendations – in this issue they include how to make category managers better at applying category management and how to fully embed the key skills required.

We are definitely living in interesting times in the UK – as emphasised by the Brexit webinar that I took part in recently. Whatever your views on this subject, I can 100% recommend this outstanding infographic – it really is helpful to see all of the different Eurozones and the UK’s different options on one page

We are starting preparations for our next global category management survey and are keen to hear the topics that you would like us to include – please either get in touch directly @ or complete the 6-question survey that we have created to capture your questions or topics. It only takes 2 minutes and you could win an iPad.

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Which Category Management Skills are Embedded Best?

The skills of category managers are a fundamental building block for all procurement teams – excellent delivery does not come without excellent skills. There is an increasing recognition that successful collaboration between procurement teams and business stakeholders is at the heart of category management. Many clients that we work with are shifting emphasis from technical procurement skills towards the skills required to drive collaboration and are defining these with precision in competency frameworks for their teams.

In this month’s extract from our 2016-17 category management report we focus on category manager skills:

  • Which category management skills are best embedded and which require most work?
  • How well embedded are behavioural skills and what areas are leaders prioritising?
  • How good are category managers at applying the category management process?
  • How important is it to include category management skills in the procurement competency framework?

Insight Guide Which skills are embedded best - technical or behavioural

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Infographic - The Impact Of Being Great At Category Management

We have summarised the business case for category management using the key findings from our 2016-17 category management survey


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November's most popular blog

The most popular blogs we posted in November were:

  1. Hot Topics Discussed At The ProcureCon Europe 2017 And Your Chance To Win An iPad! – where Allison Ford-Langstaff summarises three of the hot topics of Procurecon 2017: "Internal collaboration", "Moving beyond price/cost to Value" and "Understand what Big Data really means".

    Hot Topics Discussed At ProcureCon Europe 2017
  2. Power and Position in Negotiation – where Mark Hubbard examines why the actual balance of power between two parties may be other than what is assumed, or historically apparent.

    Power & Position in Negotiation

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