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How do Leaders Make Category Management a Business Process?

Mark Webb

Mark Webb
Managing Director
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Welcome to the June edition of FP Viewpoint. A recent blog of ours,  10 Reasons Why Category Management Is Not Just ‘Common Sense’ Hint: It is ‘Rocket Science’  was covered on the Spend Matters blog and received a comment:  “Interesting article. It argues what actually matters is internal and external collaboration: I think that calling this focus “Category Management” does more harm than good” .

This was a useful prompt, because in FP we believe, teach and practice that internal collaboration is central to category management and were slightly surprised to see someone think it was an “add-on”.

It shows that there is still a job to do to get the co-creation of category strategies with stakeholders fully embedded and at the heart of procurement teams activities. Category management needs to be seen as a business process, not procurement process, to achieve this.

Insight Guide  How to make category management  a business process

We would also like to re-brand category management as it is often perceived as mechanistic and procurement-centric, but that’s a discussion for another Viewpoint!

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How do Leaders Make Category Management a Business Process?

Involvement in category projects means that stakeholders have helped to shape the strategy. They have a stake in the success of the strategy – resulting in a different level of commitment to advocating its strengths and implementing its detail.

This month’s research covers:

  • Percentage of survey respondents that have formal category project sponsors from the business
  • Ideal profile for category project sponsors
  • Involvement level of business stakeholders in category strategy approval
  • How to establish a formal category project governance structure
  • Levels of clarity on category management roles and responsibilities for business stakeholders and procurement
  • Three standard roles for procurement in a category project

Insight Guide  How to make category management  a business process

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Infographic - The Impact Of Being Great At Category Management

We have summarised the business case for category management using the key findings from our 2016-17 category management survey


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