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Anna Del Mar

Anna Del Mar
Director, Future Purchasing

Welcome to the June edition of our FP Viewpoint. In 2012, we have been responding to a number of organisations that are looking to drive performance through education and embedding learning into staff organisational development programmes. In this month’s Insight Guide we take an initial look at the 70:20:10 framework that integrates learning approaches, but prioritises the value of experiential learning.

Justifying investment in procurement learning is definitely testing at the moment, but this approach provides a new way of overcoming the challenge. Please get in touch to share your views:

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Performance Learning

We are working with a number of clients who see that transforming the skills of their teams and stakeholders is the quickest way of improving performance and ensuring delivery of their procurement strategy.

If you have any questions around competency profiling or capability improvement strategies please contact Anna Del Mar - Director, Performance Learning.

Hopefully, you will find the content practical and helpful. If you have any questions about the coverage or Future Purchasing in general, please just drop me a line.

Making learning stick...

Performance is driven by capability and capability is driven by learning and development. To make this connection and make learning stick, pioneering teams are increasingly anchoring their learning programmes in the 70:20:10 framework.

Numerous studies and surveys have identified that adults learn more effectively through experiences using real life contexts rather than formal training. This translates into a 70:20:10 balanced framework where learning is:

  • 70% from experience of dealing with challenging tasks
  • 20% from people ( mainly line managers)
  • 10% from courses

The 70:20:10 framework provides a structure that integrates learning and emphasises the elements that truly drive behavioural change.

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Last chance to participate in our Category Management Survey

Identifying global best practice in category management is our objective…

Given that category management is central to the strategy of most procurement functions, it is surprising that there appears to be a limited amount of research focused on its application. Our study will provide the most comprehensive review of best practice currently being deployed by world-class organisations – don’t miss your opportunity to participate and receive the full report.

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Driving Cost Reduction


In this video, Simon Caddick discusses how Future Purchasing helps clients increase and accelerate cost reduction delivery.

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