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Anna Del Mar
Anna Del Mar
Director, Future Purchasing

Welcome to the latest edition of FP Viewpoint. 

A perspective on Procurement competency profiling: This month we take a look at competency profiling together with Mark Hollison, Director of Procurement at Napp Pharmaceuticals. We explore how this practical exercise is an excellent catalyst for transforming the capability and capacity of procurement teams and consequently delivering procurement strategy.

Mark and his team used the Future Purchasing competence profiling tool, Compass, to help them do this.

Mark is fresh from presenting his experiences to an attentive crowd at Procurecon Pharma in Zurich at the start of March.

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Performance Learning

We are working with a number of clients who see that transforming the skills of their teams and stakeholders is the quickest way of improving performance and ensuring delivery of their procurement strategy.

If you have any questions around competency profiling or capability improvement strategies please contact Anna Del Mar - Director Performance Learning.

Hopefully, you will find the content practical and helpful.
If you have any questions about
the coverage or Future Purchasing in general, please just drop me a line.

Competency Profiling ...

One of the fastest ways to get off the starting blocks and improve procurement effectiveness...

Mark Hollison, Director of Procurement at Napp Pharmaceuticals and Anna Del Mar, Director of Performance Learning at Future Purchasing discuss how a programme of competency profiling has helped to articulate and secure buy-in to a more value added role for Procurement. It has also empowered and motivated the team to take responsibility for the personal development required to perform this role.

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“At Napp, we found that we could see at a glance all the strengths, weaknesses and development needs of individuals and the team as a whole. It was also a great way of explaining to stakeholder functions and HR what Procurement do and we have substantially increased the number of people in the organisation who understand Procurement and support our ambitions...We are well on the way to our goal of being trusted commercial advisors”… Mark Hollison , Napp Pharmaceuticals

"Competence profiling is a powerful way of prompting discussion around the strategic role of procurement. It also generates data needed for each step of the HR life cycle, from building accurate recruitment profiles to developing, rewarding and promoting Procurement staff"... Anna Del Mar , Future Purchasing

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Improving Procurement Capability

In this video Anna Del Mar discusses how Future Purchasing helps clients transform procurement capability through performance learning.

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