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Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Director, Future Purchasing

Welcome to the March edition of our FP Viewpoint. Today we are pleased to share the second part of our 2012 Category Management Survey .

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The main body of our Category Management Survey was based upon FP’s Five Building Blocks to Category Management Success – Build , Learn , Lead , Apply and Deliver . In this edition we are focusing on the BUILD section of our process. This is the physical design, creation and continuous improvement of a practical Category Management process and toolkit. Success here is all about designing a simple fit for purpose process that is aligned to the ways of working of the organization.

In the next Viewpoint, we will be looking at LEARN i.e. how do organisations educate their Procurement and cross functional business stakeholders to utilize the Category Management process and toolkit to deliver significantly better results.

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Category Management

We are working with a number of clients who see that applying category management principles and ways of working to their external spend is the best way to deliver significantly improved financial results.

If you have any questions around category management please contact Simon Brown - Director Category Management.

Category Management Survey: Part 2 BUILD

The 2012 Category Management survey provides detailed insight into the best practices that differentiate Category Management Leaders from Followers

We have designed the report in a modular format based on the FP Category Management Building Blocks. In Part 2 we share findings that cover BUILD i.e. the initial design and creation of the core Category Management process and toolkit:

These findings cover:

•   What is BUILD and why is it important?

•   To what extent is Category Management mandated in your

•   Is Category Management the core way of working for your
    Procurement team?

•   How good is your core Category Management process &
•   Accelerating Category Management capability with Track8

How to Benchmark your capability in Category Management?

FP can help you to confirm the scale of additional benefit available to your organisation by optimising category management.

We can compare you against “world class” performance and confirm what you need to change in order to optimise Category Management and advance to the next level of performance.

The process takes approximately five days and the report will identify your strengths and weaknesses and a customised roadmap to optimise Category Management in your organisation.

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