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Mark Webb

Mark Webb

Managing Director,
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Welcome to the May edition of FP Viewpoint.

This month we look at the reliability of savings forecasts produced by Procurement teams. These are key numbers that help to reinforce the credibility of Procurement with stakeholders and team members.

The results from the survey show that teams would be wise to allow for a significant drop in actual delivery versus forecast across all projects in their pipeline. These critical numbers allow teams to estimate the total savings pipeline they require in order to reliably hit their savings targets.

Click to discover the percentage of projects that deliver to their target savings and timelines in the APPLY II section of the 2014-15 Category Management report we are sharing today

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Benchmark Your Category Management Capability

Future Purchasing can benchmark your Category Management capability using our Catman Adoption Framework™ . This confirms the scale of additional benefit available to your organisation by optimising category management. We compare you against “world class” performance across 100 criteria and work with you to prioritise the improvement areas, develop an implementation roadmap and quantify the additional value available. The process takes 3-5 days and we believe this is the most effective way to start unlocking the 66%-113% additional value available from category management.

“2014-15 FP Category Management Survey – Two more findings from the APPLY section”

Today we are sharing two further topics from the APPLY Section from our 2014-15 Category Management Survey

The overall report is structured around the five Category Management Building Blocks we have identified. The APPLY Building Block deals with excellence of Category Management application, formal Category Management objectives, time available for Category Management, delivery of targets and resource balancing. The findings we are sharing today cover:

  • What percentage of category projects deliver their target savings?
  • What percentage of category projects deliver to their target timelines?
  • How can organisations improve their ability to deliver target savings and timelines?
  • What percentage of organisations have central visibility of all category projects?
  • What are the key features of a central project tracking system?

“May’s Most Popular Blog”

The most popular blog during May was “Converting SRM and Category Management Training into Performance” . This blog summarises some of the evolving education best practices that we have implemented with leading organisations to maximise ROI from training investment.

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