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Mark Webb

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Welcome to the October edition of FP Viewpoint.

Procurement Leaders that align Category Management with their organisation’s broader strategic objectives generate performance that is 3X greater than those Followers that make no effort to align with the business.

This is a key finding from the BUILD section of our 2014-15 Category Management Survey that we are sharing today.

In addition to the quantitative findings the report also includes improvement recommendations that summarise the practices used by Category Management Leaders – we hope you find them useful.

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Benchmark Your Category Management Capability

Future Purchasing can benchmark your Category Management capability using our Catman Adoption Framework™ . This confirms the scale of additional benefit available to your organisation by optimising category management. We compare you against “world class” performance across 100 criteria and work with you to prioritise the improvement areas, develop an implementation roadmap and quantify the additional value available. The process takes 3-5 days and we believe this is the most effective way to start unlocking the 66%-113% additional value available from category management.

“2014-15 FP Category Management Survey – BUILD Section”

Today we are sharing some of the key findings from the BUILD section from our 2014-15 Category Management Survey.

We have designed the report in a modular format based on the FP Category Management Building Blocks. In this Viewpoint we share findings and best practices that cover BUILD i.e. the alignment with the business and design and development of Category Management ways of working:

  • What activities does Category Management include and how to can they be made more effective.
  • Are Category Management steps mandatory and how can the process be modulated?
  • Is Category Management "One Way of Working" and how can this be achieved?
  • Is Category Management aligned with organisational objectives and what is needed to make this happen?

“October's Most Popular Blog”

The most popular blog during October was “FP response to the NHS Five-Year Forward View” . The NHS Five-Year Forward View sets out the vision for the future of NHS England.

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